Equivalence, Homologation, and Validation of Foreign Studies
Studies carried out abroad must pass through equivalence, homologation, or validation procedures in order to be valid in Spain. Melcart Abogados can help you with the equivalence, homologation, or validation of your foreign academic credentials so you can continue your education or find employment.
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Residence for Family Members of EU Citizens
Our legislation provides for residence authorizations for family members of EU citizens via the "Tarjeta Comunitaria." If you have some family tie to a Union citizen, you may qualify for a TC. Melcart Abogados can help you obtain a residence authorization and TC.
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Spanish Citizenship
Spanish citizenship can be natural or acquired by option, by naturalization, or by residence during 1, 2, 5, or 10 years. Melcart Abogados can help you vindicate your natural citizenship or acquire citizenship so you can participate fully in our country.
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Contracts Drafting, Revision, and Litigation
Contracts generate obligations and rights and allow for the proper functioning of legal transactions. Melcart Abogados can help you draft personalized contracts, revise existing contracts, and litigate any contractual disagreement you may have.
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What makes us different?


We have accumulated years of experience in our practice areas.

Legal Dexterity

We have litigated numerous judicial procedures, including before the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.

Bilingual / Multilingual Team

We can help you in Spanish, English, German, or Portuguese.

Digital Services

We carry out some 80% of our work online.

US Notarial Services

We provide remote online notary services for our American clients in all of Europe.

FD-258 Fingerprinting

We fingerprint clients on FD-258 cards in Madrid.

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